I highly recommend Sensei John Rich as he is an exceptionally gifted martial artist and an extraordinary teacher of Okinawa Karate, Korea Taekwondo and Japan Aikijutsu.  I have studied and trained with Sensei Rich and have taught with him and learned from him.  Throughout Sensei Rich’s expansive training, he has also taught Aikijutsu and weapons courses for me in my own dojo.  Since moving to Arizona, he has substituted for me at my dojo and at a variety of others in the Phoenix area, including Miyake Shuko-kai Intl. and has earned an honorary Black Belt Certification from Hanshi Kunio Miyake, 8th Dan.

Sensei Rich has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children.  His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching foundation basics, training concepts, as well as more advanced techniques, are truly superior.  He has excellent visual and verbal communication skills; is extremely organized in his training curriculum; is reliable, constant and deliberate.  Sensei Rich can work equally as well with individual students as with very large groups.  He makes his students better people through his martial training.  And he accomplishes this with great character and with a very positive attitude.

I recommend Sensei John Rich without reservation.




Robert M. Corcoran, 4th Dan

Miyake Shuko-kai Intl.




I have known Sensei John Rich since he was a teenager in Iowa.  He earned his first black belt in Shorin-ryu karate at my dojo.  What has made him worthy of the title Sensei and the honor of wearing a black belt are not just passing a test but the aspects of his character; his dedication to learning, his ability to teach even the most challenging students with patience, his respect for all people and an unchanging personality that lets me know that I can count on him at all times and in all places.  I have always been proud to call him my student but mostly to call him my friend.  Those who train with him will be blessed as I have been.


Shihan Steve Wichtendahl, 6th Dan

Matsubayashi-ryu, Shorin-ryu




I have only known Sensei John Rich since April of 2009 and I only regret that I hadn’t met him sooner.  Not only is Sensei John a great person away from Watashi No Dojo, but also he is an amazing instructor and teacher.  He instructs as only someone who truly loves his or her art can.  Even if you are only mildly interested in martial arts it is hard not to get swept away by his enthusiasm.

I started taking classes with Sensei John as a way to get more exercise and spend more time with my family.  In doing so, my family grew because that is the atmosphere within the dojo.  There was never any pressure to perform, just patient instruction and constructive motivation.  I am happy to admit that I now love karate and Aikijujitsu and am proud to say I am now more flexible, a more well-rounded person, and have lost over 10 pounds in just a short time.  This I can attribute to not just taking a martial arts class, but to taking that class at Watashi No Dojo.




William Plitz

Watashi No Dojo student




Sensei John is one of the most passionate practitioners of the martial arts it has been my pleasure to know. His drive to constantly improve his skills and to pass them on to his students has been a joy to watch and participate in over the 20+ years that I have known and worked with him. Sensei John has a definite gift and love for teaching that becomes readily apparent during the first five minutes you are in a class. After studying with Sensei John for a while, one gets the real sense that he has taken you into his family. During the times that Sensei John and I trained together – my skills, character, and love for the martial arts truly blossomed. I only wish that our schools were not 1700 miles away – I am truly jealous of the Phoenix area. Good Luck Watashi-No-Dojo


Sifu Rodney Golden

Zi Xing Quan Fa – Minneapolis, MN




Having known Sensei John Rich over the years has proven his consistency in upholding the spirit and honor of what martial arts is about.  From the first days of beginning my training with him as a student in college through the classes of today at Watashi No Dojo the experience has been informative, enlightening, practical, challenging and fun.  Since first meeting Sensei John Rich I have gone on to study and train in other styles and reaching competent levels and still find myself challenged to improve the basics in execution and application.  This comes from the motivation to always try and be better than I am which is cultivated in class.  The traits of self discipline, confidence, self awareness and accomplishment emerge from students as they train and learn regardless of previous experience as long as the will to learn and mentality to improve is within them.  I would recommend anyone to at least try some of the classes if not to become a better martial artist but to become a better person.


Larry Palmer

Long time student and friend



I want to thank you on behalf of our whole family for the wonderful experience we’ve had with learning self defense! Our whole family has benefited from your expertise. I can’t believe how much my kids have improved both in balance and focus since we’ve started your classes. I’m really grateful for all you’ve done for us and I hope we get to study at “our dojo” for many years to come.

Celeste, Greg, Aeric and Kayla Plitz




Sensei John and I started our martial arts journey together more than 20 years ago on the same floor.  It is John’s focus and dedication to the arts that have kept him involved for so long, and those same qualities – along with his incredible experience – that make him a great teacher.


Matt White

TRIUMPH Martial Arts